About us

Gravitate Accounting is inspired by the digital changes revolutionising the accountancy industry.

At Gravitate Accounting,
we're reimagining the future of Accountancy

Moving to digital accountancy and bookkeeping brings revolutionary benefits to all businesses - big or small.

Here at Gravitate Accounting, we're experts in helping businesses make the switch and partner with world-class software providers that can help automate processes in your business, saving time, money and helping you focus on what you know best.

It's never been easier to make the switch, and here at Gravitate Accounting we've built a team and a suite of solutions to help your business grow.

Xero and Automation Specialists

Like most industries, the introduction of powerful software solutions is revolutionising how best to get things done.

It's no different in the accountancy world, where software solutions such as Xero - with tools such as Pleo, GoCardless, DEXT and the growth of online-only banks like Starling, Monzo and Revolut - providing game-changing solutions to some of the historically time consuming tasks of the past.

We embrace change and pair new technological solutions with front-line consultancy to put your business in the best position to thrive.
Our Core Values
Family and Friends

Family & Friends

We value the importance of spending time with our loved ones and therefore we work smarter.
Stronger Together

Stronger Together

We recruit the best staff as we know they can do things I cannot, I can do things they cannot. Together we can do great things.
Be Kind

Be Kind

We are kind, humble and genuine people.
Our Value

Don't do things by halves

We get results.
Be Bold

Be Bold

We are daring, entrepreneurial and rebellious allowing us to come up with advanced, automated client solutions.
Core Value

Enjoy what we do

We work with the best clients and the best team.

Our people are at the heart of the business

We pride ourselves on our reputation that we've built by adding value to our clients' businesses. In just over 2 years, we've helped hundreds of companies, won national awards and amassed numerous 5-star reviews.

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