Corporate Finance For Accountants

Here at Gravitate we are very proud to be a collaborative business. We openly share thoughts and ideas to help innovate the accountancy industry and ensure all clients get the service they need. Corporate Finance is a relatively specialist service that not all Accountants can offer. We therefore offer this service to those accountants that may occasionally need this specialist advice. 
Corporate Finance For Accountants

What are the main considerations and process?

We understand that you have a fantastic relationship with your clients, often built up over many years, and are therefore careful not to upset this balance. You are their key advisor and point of contact and we therefore tailor our Corporate Finance service to you and your clients need. 

By partnering with Gravitate:

  • Allows you to focus on what you specialise in
  • We will work with you and your clients however you decide
  • The service is tailored around you
  • We will make sure you get paid as your input will be essential
Financial Director help

We can support you and your clients on:

  1. Business valuations
  2. Forecasting and financial modelling
  3. Flexible Outsource Corporate Finance support
  4. Support through sales / mergers / acquisitions

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