Independent Trustee Services

Are you considering an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) for your business? Navigating potential conflicts and ensuring sound decision-making can be tough. An independent trustee brings objectivity and expertise, helping you avoid gridlock and protect both employee and business interests.
Independent Trustee Services

What are the main considerations and process?

With the rise of Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) transactions we are seeing a greater need for Independent trustee roles within the composition of a Trustee board. An independent voice on the Trustee board is often critical where there may be conflict in decision making at Trustee board level.

Through our service we can provide you with:

  • Facilitating and attending meetings
  • Chairing the meeting (if applicable)
  • Minute taking of the meeting
  • Review and comment on the financial performance of the business
  • Review and comment on forecasts and budgets
  • Provide best practice advice from experience 
  • Ad hoc duties as a Trustee

Our Corporate Finance Director Martin Dean and Accounting Director/Owner Jonathan Carr both act as Independent Trustees for clients in a variety of sectors. Gravitate work closely with the Employee Ownership Association ensuring our clients are up to date with advice from the wider employee owned network.

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