Transaction Readiness

Preparation is key for successful corporate transactions, especially when selling your business. Gravitate ensures readiness by understanding buyer expectations in legal, commercial, and financial aspects. Gaps in these areas can lead to less favorable terms or prices.
Transaction Readiness

What are the main considerations and process?

Being ‘ready’ for any major Corporate transaction is absolutely essential to maximise returns, particularly if you are looking to Sell your Business. 

At Gravitate we have a detailed understanding in what trade buyers, venture capital backers and private equity backed buyers expect to see in a business from a legal, commercial and financial perspective.

If there are holes in any of these areas, expect the price or terms being offered for your business to be less favourable!

Our transactions readiness process helps to fill in these holes to ensure that any ‘price chipping’ or unusual warranties/indemnities following due diligence are kept to a minimum. 

Financial Director help

Our transaction readiness service will ensure that we:

  • Assess and identify areas that a buyer would deem weak/risky.
  • Comprise an action plan to mitigate those areas of perceived weakness and risk
  • Transact at a maximum possible value for your business.

Meet our Corporate Finance Director Martin and let him talk you through transaction readiness

Financial Director help

Why choose Gravitate

  • When you exit a business the buyers are likely to look back over the accounts for a 5 year plus period so preparing to sell is key.
  • You will work hands on with an expert in the field to truly understand what buyers want to tailor your business appropriately.
  • Our Corporate Director Martin Dean is vastly experienced in knowing what small things can severely impact the sale value of a business so will ensure you don’t fall into these traps

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