Forecasting and financial modelling

Unlock future financial insights with our Forecasting and Financial Modeling Service. We provide predictions and strategic models tailored to your business needs. By creating a detailed forecast we can create a model to enable informed decision-making which can generate sustainable growth.
Forecasting and financial modelling

What are the main considerations and process?

At Gravitate we have a breadth of experience in forecasting and financial modelling for internal investment appraisal purposes or where lenders/investors require them.

The start any financial model is understanding the granular details of the business. This is often the most time consuming element, but is absolutely essential when building a financial model. 

Having a financial model in place ensures strategic decisions can be assessed correctly and implemented quickly.

An understanding of a fundsflow is absolutely crucial when bridging the ‘understanding gap’ between the profit the company is projected to make, and the effect on operating cash it will generate. 

Lenders often need a financial model to be assessed and tested by a trusted advisor for their own internal credit approval process. This is a service Gravitate Corporate Finance offer.

Meet our Corporate Finance Director Martin and let him talk you through forecasting and financial modelling

Financial Director help

Why choose Gravitate?

  • Using the best technology available to us to automate the process saving you time and money.
  • You will work hands on with an expert in the field to truly understand what are the drivers for your business.
  • Our Corporate Director Martin Dean is vastly experienced in the field, providing clients from a variety of sectors with budgets, forecasts and financial models that they have used to scale their business.

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