Add Ons

The Apps & Tools we help you integrate into your business

We look at all the tools available to help automate your expenses and track spending whilst recovering all receipts.

Areas of tools we use


Pleo is a powerful tool which allows you to save time and money on expenses, invoices, reimbursements and so much more.

By automating tasks which were traditionally time consuming, Pleo allows you to focus on growing your business whilst accurately taking care of business spending.
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Dext is the essential digital accounting platform which automatically fetches paperwork and puts it in one place so that your business can be financially fit.

Dext can connect to thousands of suppliers, including PayPal, Amazon and even your email to pull all the data you need into one single digital dashboard.
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Invoicing can sometimes be frustrating and inefficient.

GoCardless takes away the headache by allowing you to easily collect recurring, one-off and variable payments from customers across the globe.

It connects directly into Xero, too.
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Fathom allows Gravitate Accounting to generate incredibly powerful reports to give you a clear picture of your business performance.

You no longer need to try and dig out important data and KPIs from spreadsheets, but instead all this can be included in your regular management reports.
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There are two great ways to use iwoca

1. Business loans - helps you borrow up to £500,000 for your business

2. iwoca pay helps you collect payments with zero day payment cycle and can even offer payment over 3 months
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Telleroo helps your finance team to make secure payments on the business owners behalf saving them time to allow them to concentrate on their business.

Paying staff can also be automated using Telleroo.
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