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Digital switchover

The benefits of switching to a cloud based accounting software are endless:

  • Cheaper fees
  • Significant time saving
  • Can be accessed anywhere anytime by you and me as the advisor
  • Opens up cost-effective apps to further develop the accounting function

Let me be the answer to the only sticking point – how do I switch.


Working together and assessing the essential costs to your business can help develop a streamline mentality and by reducing costs drive profits to invest in essential spending that will unlock growth.


The production of 3 way forecasting looks at the p&l balance sheet and also the cash position helping you decide when you can make your next investment / acquisition to support long term strategy.

"I have the pleasure of working with Sam and Zara at Gravitate, who offer an outsourced financial management service for Clindox European and India affiliates. They deliver quality in a professional way and make the relationship fun too. With Gravitate onboard our financial control is improving rapidly."

Simon Crowe

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