March 23, 2023
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The 5 best apps to automate your accounting

Sam Newton

Unless you’re a lover of all things finance, spreadsheets, processes and following the rules like us, then chances are you didn’t start your own business to be swamped by accounting.

Many of the clients we speak to are looking for a quick and easy way to manage their business finances, especially when they are on the go!

One thing we always recommend is investing in apps and the app we promote to you always depends on the solution that you’re looking for.

Can you automate accounting?

Automation is not only possible; it can free you up for those all important client meetings, give you more time with your customers and free you up to focus on the day to day of your business! Not only do we love and promote automation, but we also focus on compatibility- making sure your new app works seamlessly with your accounting software.

Here are five fantastic apps you could consider investing in that are compatible with Xero.


Remember boxes of receipts? Spending hours entering invoices…

This is a thing of the past with the Dext app!

Invoices can be sent to the software by taking pictures on your phone, emailing invoices your own Dext email in address, and logging in to online accounts to automatically download your invoices to the software.

Once Dext has your invoices it will then use smart technology to read the billing information and once you’re happy, you can send this straight through to Xero.

Monthly plans start at £12.50 or choose a yearly plan which begins at £10.

With all the apps you can come to us and we can get you partner discount.


If you rely on forecasting, Fathom is the app for you. With real-time cashflow forecasting, you’ll always have up-to-date insights without any of the hassle of filling in spreadsheets.

With all the apps you can come to us and we can get you partner discount.


GoCardless makes setting up Direct Debits painless and easy for your customers, after completing a simple online form your customers will authorise you to automate payment collections on your invoice due dates, this is perfect for those repeating monthly invoices or ongoing services!

You can also request payment by sending them a link, making everything smooth and simple on your clients’ side, encouraging them to pay you quickly.

The standard app is available for free, but paid-for plans are available depending on your needs.


Do you hate chasing for payment? We do too 🤦‍♂️

Recent research found that chasing bad debt is costing UK businesses over £6 million per year.

Chaser can help to reduce the time spent on bad debt dramatically by automating invoice payment reminders, it also gives their users the option to escalate payments to their own collections service, saving you the need to use small claims.  

Pricing starts at £29, and plans are based on the number of invoices you’ll be chasing.


Pleo puts expenses in the hands of your employees and helps you say goodbye to the endless expense claim spreadsheets.

Pleo makes keeping an eye on your business expenses simple. You can provide all employees with a top up card and when they make a business expense they can snap a picture of the receipt on the go through the mobile app!

…Did someone say after work drinks? 👀🍻

The app also makes monitoring employee transactions straightforward too and if the employee does make an out of pocket purchase, you can easily review the expense and if approved- pay them back from the app!

The pricing for this app depends on how you utilise your Pleo card.

Come through us and we can get you partner discount.

How do small businesses automate accounting?

While accounting apps are fantastic investments, small businesses need to be highly selective as they build up their business. That means justifying the spend.

When you partner with an accounting firm like Gravitate Accounting, we can help you select the best app for your needs. This is a complimentary benefit of partnering with us; other advantages include:

  • Access to a team of experienced finance experts.
  • Partners who believe in working with you.
  • Xero Gold partners.
  • Accurate accounting services with no mistakes.

For more information, get in touch with our team today.

Sam Newton

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