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November 2, 2023
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The Power of Alphabet Share Structures: Unlocking Dividend Flexibility and Tax Efficiency

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In the world of business and finance, choosing the right share structure can have a significant impact on your financial flexibility and tax efficiency. Among the various share structures available to businesses, one stands out for its unique advantages: the alphabet share structure. In this blog, we'll explore the benefits of an alphabet share structure and how it can provide you with the flexibility to optimise dividends while staying within the bounds of tax regulations.

The Flexibility of Alphabet Shares

Let's start by understanding what makes alphabet shares unique. Traditional shares are usually categorised as "ordinary shares," and dividends are distributed in proportion to the number of shares each shareholder owns. However, alphabet shares introduce a new level of flexibility by allowing you to create different classes of shares, each with its own set of rules and rights.

Advantage: Customised Dividend Distribution

Imagine you have two shareholders: Shareholder 1 and Shareholder 2. Shareholder 1 holds 90 Ordinary Shares, while Shareholder 2 has 10 Ordinary Shares. If you vote for a dividend of £100,000, the distribution will be fixed based on the percentage of shares owned. Shareholder 1 will receive £90,000, and Shareholder 2 will receive £10,000. This is the standard way dividends are distributed, and it's relatively inflexible.

However, with alphabet shares, you have the power to allocate the £100,000 dividend on different share classes in any multiple, as long as the payment is justified as a reward for work done and has a commercial rationale. This flexibility opens up a world of opportunities for tax optimisation.

Tax Optimisation Scenarios

Here are a couple of real-world scenarios that illustrate the benefits of alphabet shares:

  • Consider a situation where married partners are involved in a business. Partner 1 has already used up their basic rate tax band, having earned £50,270, while Partner 2 earns £20,000. They want to increase their income by taking an additional £10,000 as a dividend. If the dividend is voted on Partner 1, the tax owed will be £3,375, whereas voting it on Partner 2 would result in only £875 in tax. That's a significant saving of £2,500! This tax-saving strategy becomes even more advantageous if Partner 2 hasn't used their £1,000 tax-free dividend allowance. Such flexibility in dividend allocation is only possible with alphabet shares.
  • In another scenario, two joint shareholders in a business have different financial goals. One wants to take a dividend, while the other wishes to make a pension contribution. Alphabet shares make it possible to accommodate these different objectives while ensuring equal payment.

Points to Consider When Implementing Alphabet Shares

While alphabet shares offer valuable advantages, it's crucial to take a few factors into account:

  • Ensure you set up the articles of association correctly to protect the shareholders and define the rules and rights associated with each share class.
  • Alphabet shares allow shares to be transferred between married couples tax-free, making it a useful tool when taking advantage of tax bands and the dividend tax-free allowance (e.g. £1,000 in the 2023/2024 tax year).
  • It's generally recommended to maintain a 5% shareholding, as this ensures eligibility for a 10% tax rate on sale, commonly known as business asset disposal relief or previously Entrepreneurs' Relief.
  • Be aware that HMRC closely monitors these schemes, and it is essential to use alphabet shares for legitimate financial and operational reasons, not for tax evasion.

Alphabet share structures provide a unique set of advantages, enabling businesses to customise dividend distributions, optimise taxes and accommodate diverse financial goals. By understanding the flexibility and benefits that alphabet shares offer, you can make informed decisions to enhance the financial efficiency of your business while staying compliant with tax regulations. However, it's crucial to seek professional advice and ensure that your share structure aligns with your business's specific needs and objectives.

Please reach out to us if you want to discuss this in more detail, we can also help advise the best solicitors in our network.

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