Self-Assessment Tax Return Services

Self assessment tax return services
We can help you with your self-assessment tax returns.

Playing to our strengths with self-assessment tax return services

Getting to grips with the self-assessment tax return can feel overwhelming, especially if your strengths lie elsewhere, like in growing your business. At Gravitate Accounting, part of our success comes from understanding that one person can’t possibly know everything, which is why finding the right people to join your team is essential.

While you continue playing to your strengths and expanding your business, we will play to ours and ensure that your company is tax compliant at all times. We will take on the burden of collecting everything we need to file your self-assessment tax return with HMRC successfully.

The benefits of an online tax accountant

We largely operate online, including all of our bookkeeping and accounting services. This simplifies the self-assessment tax return process and means we don’t have to request documents from you constantly.

Through these online methods and the live information at our fingertips, we can forecast how much tax you can expect to pay at the end of the working year and let you know as and when this changes so that you can action any processes you see fit.

"I have recently started using Gravitate for my business accounting. I have been impressed by how professional and pro active Mike, Sam and the team have been. This has helped us to save time and be more efficient with the day to day running of the business."

Mark Holmes

Frequently asked questions about self-assessment tax returns

What can you claim on your self-assessment tax return?

When you choose us to manage your self-assessment tax return, we will do everything we can to ensure you don’t pay more than you have to. Some of the expenses you may not know you can claim on your return include:
- Mileage associated with work activities
- Charitable contributions
- Staff costs
- Office supplies
- Marketing costs
-Utility bills and mortgage (if you work from home)

And more. If you would like additional information about what we can claim back on your behalf, please contact Sam Newton.

Can I submit my tax return myself?

Yes, you can. At Gravitate Accounting, we operate as extended members of your team. We can gather all of the information required for your self-assessment tax return, fill in all of the necessary information and even submit it on your behalf. However, if you would like to do this last step yourself, you are more than welcome to. Please bear in mind that you could face a fine from HMRC if you fail to submit your tax return on time.

When should your self-assessment tax return be submitted?

Your self-assessment tax return must be submitted by the 31st of January every year. This is the deadline; however, you can submit the information as soon as you or your accountant issues a P60, or, if you are a sole trader, as soon as the tax year ends, which is the 5th of April.

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