Accounting and Financial Management Services

Accounting and Financial Management
We work with companies to help them with their financial management

What is financial management all about?

Financial management is more than updating accounting documents. It expands to planning and directing financial activities that move the needle and speed up business growth.

At Gravitate we don’t believe in a ‘client relationship’. We provide financial management services, but we also see ourselves as your teammates, bringing our extensive knowledge to the table to help you help your company grow and thrive.

Financial account management aligned with your business strategy

Whatever sector your business operates in, it isn’t enough to update your books at the end of the tax year. By tapping into the many insights hidden between the numbers throughout the year, you can optimise your strategies to increase revenue and returns.

Don’t wait until the end of the year to analyse how your business is performing. Our financial management services utilise secure cloud accounting, which means that we can provide you with the information you need when you need it. Together, we can invest heavily in essential spending while cutting back on unnecessary spend that isn’t driving your business forward.

Additionally, we can assist with forecasting, using our years of experience to provide financial advice that will pay off.

"Amazing team. I started working with Gravitate during the first lockdown. Their knowledge, skill and quick response has helped my business adapt during this unique time. The team are on hand when I need them and respond to all of my questions as well as advise on alternative solutions. I see my business relationship growing with them as my business grows. Highly recommend, they are as much a part of my business as my direct team."

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Frequently asked questions about account management

What's the difference between financial accounting and management accounting?

There is a marked difference between financial accounting and management accounting; however, the two work best together.A financial accountant will essentially keep on top of and report on business finances as and when required.A management accountant takes this information, studies current and predicted financial trends and uses both to advise on optimising corporate strategies for higher returns.At Gravitate Accounting, we provide both of these services.

What are the tools of management accounting?

We utilise multiple tools to assist in our management accounting services in addition to secure cloud accounting software. We also upgrade any tools we use as and when better solutions become available. For the most up to date information, please speak with Mike Crocker, who will be able to provide more details.

What are the types of financial accounting?

There are two essential types of financial accounting:

Accrual accounting method: This method tracks incoming and outgoing funds as they happen, even if the money does not move straight away. We recommend this approach for larger corporations.

Cash accounting method: This type of financial accounting tracks funds after it ‘changes hands.’ This means there may be a gap between a transaction taking place or an invoice being issued and when the information is recorded.

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